The house, a designed living room enlighted by a window upon the world as big as a wall, far from everyday life’s frenzy. Freedom is symbolized by a lonely cup of tea in the semi-darkness, by a comfortable 70s sofa broken by the dusty and clear-cut geometries of an old projector, the unplugged phone.
The silence loads up with positivity and gets back to its meaning of Intimity and Discovery.

Suddendly the quiet is just the preamble of a sparkle, the same sparkle that enchantes a woman when rediscovering herself: it’s something to Celebrate.
Sometimes you just need an Idea to start a crazy Revolution. THAT’S IT.
Psychedelic shades of pink, purple and green through sparkling lights. Weightless and ruffle dance steps, shut eyes. While the fingers feel the sun rays, the skirt uncovers the details of a refined retrò taste: a pin, a necklace, the emerald nuanced shoes.

The house is the intimate place, la plus chic location for a Private Party.