Established in Florence at the end of the 80’s by Massimo Frosini, current CEO, and Giovanni Guastella, partner and art director, Dixie entered the market with a rapid and innovative business approach, a so-called fast fashion, which offers total look solutions to real, fashionable women aged 25- 45 who are eager to find their own personal style. Dixie makes an exclusively “Made in Italy” on- site production, resulting into highly customized products, in line with the market requests and the promptness which is essential in the “ready to wear” sector.

Quality, price and speed are the brand’s strengths. In the 1990’s the company grew as a result of new factory stores opened in Tuscany and the subsequent acquisition by the IMPERIAL group, which introduced DIXIE to the world market as a wholesaler.

Dixie has a ten years’ experience in the “ready to wear” sector, with a yearly production of 1.200.000 garments, 40% of which are sold in national market’s factory, franchising and multi-brand stores and 60% worldwide, with distributors in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Holland, the Balkans and China.

Its presence in the world market brought the company to a stunning boost, with a turnover increase by 50%.

Future development strategies of the brand will also involve the France, U.S.A., Russia and Japan along with actions to reinforce the existing markets.

Head Office

...inside the Collection"

Dixie is based in Signa, near Florence and close to one of the most important Italian fast fashion areas, known as “Macrolotto”, in Prato. There, the whole production processes are performed in order to reduce the time passing from design to distribution of locally produced items, granting a unique productive cycle. From prototype design to market, only ten days are needed. Total white glass, wood and PVC soberly and comfortably frame the architecture of the brand’s functional space.

In this two-storey building, offices, sales department, retail and production (divided into cutting and fabrics warehouse) are ground-floored and connected to the first floor where collections are designed and prototyped.

In two adjoining style offices, several designers work on pre-collections, flash collections, t-shirt and denim, making a system which can detect the ever- changing trends of the market in the form of special projects and capsule collections.

The first sample collection is shown between two seasons and it offers the trends of the collection, which is weekly integrated with 45 new models:

a real “collection inside the collection” project and production approach, expressed in the company’s style and products.

The mood of Dixie is based on influences and balance of contrasting elements: women’s and men’s, sporty and glam, retro and technical are all mixed up in a harmonious contrast regardless the context of their use and representing the lifestyle of a young, or grown-up, woman who is searching for her versatile negligée chic and wants to look picture- perfect all day long.

Dixie-branded shoes, bags and jewellery are all perfectly matched for an adaptable and dynamic total look, so that a day-time outfit, worn with an alternative accessory, can also fit for the night. The creative process can sometimes come and grow from intuition or raw materials.

After selecting the concept to develop, the fabrics become basic to choose the other materials employed in the season’s sampling, re-stoking, flash collections and previews. The place where research and production meet halfway and business and creativity are bound together is the cutting and production department where

3.000 to 6.000 garments are made every day.

The creative and production process of the brand is complete in a simulation room where corners, to be placed in the stores, are designed and developed.

Show Room

"Open Space"

A 1.000 m2 open space in Bologna, soon to be doubled up to 2.000 m2 40.000 garments every week.

A staff of fourteen people, soon becoming of twenty-five, assist customers from all countries and synergistically interacts with the main showroom in Milan.

This place meets the market’s requirements in terms of newly offered items to be rapidly selected, touched and purchased.

Shop windows, particularly, immediately convey the mood of the moment, suggesting combinations, best-selling outfits and a visual merchandising service.

The latest models are combined in thirty to forty looks, which can also be photographed and seen inside the store.


Dixie concept stores are currently 34, 50% directly owned and 50% franchisee.

The development process of the retail sector in Italy is still on-going.

The latest openings of stores in Brescia, Rome and Bologna confirm the strategy aimed at positioning Dixie in the major shopping centres in the north and centre of Italy.

The process is due to be over within two years and new openings abroad will be planned soon after.


Via Del Corso 377/378, Roma, Italia
Tel. +39 066994235


Via Panzani, 18/R , Firenze, Italia
Tel. +39 055284954


Corso Palestro, 27 (angolo Via del Carro 1), Brescia, Italia
Tel. +39 030293201